Botox® treatment for sweating

Do you find yourself worrying about how much you sweat and sweat patches? At Malmin Skin Clinic we offer our patients the chance to forget about excessive sweating and not worry about revealing their underarm in public.

Our bodies are designed to sweat as a normal part of how we regulate our body temperature and omit excess heat energy. However people with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) produce sweat in far greater quantities than are required.

The most common area this affects is the under arms but it can also affect the palms of hand, the soles of feet and the forehead. Excessive sweating due to hyperhidrosis forces men and women to change their clothes every few hours, limits personal style, ruins fabrics, and erodes self-confidence.

how does the treatment work?

There is an effective treatment available to significantly improve the quality of life for hyperhidrosis sufferers through the use of Botulinum Toxin, which can offer effective and long lasting control over the condition.

We have considerable experience in dealing with hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating is embarrassing. It stains clothes, ruins romance, and complicates business and social interactions.

how long will the results last for?

A single treatment of hyperhidrosis can last up to 6 months depending on the individual case.

benefits of hyperhidrosis treatment

  • You will be brimming with confidence as you concentrate on more important matters other than your sweating
  • You won’t have to change your clothes several times a day to keep on top of sweating
  • Clothes will not be stained by sweat patches, deodorant or anti-perspirant stains
  • During nervous situations like interviews, you will not be distracted by sweating hands, forehead or armpits.
Botox® is a treatment given by injection into the skin. It is recommended for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. It is injected into the armpit, which prevents the sweat glands from producing sweat. It is a well established treatment and has been used for many years.
Using a small needle, our cosmetic doctor will administer a series of injections into each armpit. Treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.
You will notice an improvement within 7 days. Effects usually last approximately 6 months.
This is a well-established, safe procedure. Common side effects, such as bruising and swelling at the injection site, are temporary and should disappear within 48 hours of the procedure.
Botox® is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Do not undergo this procedure if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in Botox® or if you have a neuromuscular disorder (such as myasthenia gravis) or an infection at the injection site. A full list of possible side effects, cautions will be discussed at the initial skin consultation.
The cost of hyperhidrosis treatment starts at £450 and it will be discussed with you upon your free consultation appointment with the doctor.